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Name of this website i.e. Namokar Mantra is taken from Jain religion. Namokar Mantra is the basic prayer in Jain religion. Here you can get all the knowledge and information about Jain religion. You can find Jain temples, Dharmashala, Jain Thinthankara's, Jain Acharya, Muni and Aryika's details. There are so many temples and places related to Jain dharma that you don’t know, using this website you can find all the details to visit those places.

Jains are famous as community of traders and merchants. The Gujarat and Rajasthan states have the most concentration of Jain population in India. The Jain people group developed into two fundamental divisions-the Digambara or "sky-clad" friars don't wear garments and the Shwetambara or "white-clad" ministers and nuns, who wear white garments and convey bowls for gathering sustenance. For quite a long time Western and southern India has been Jain fortifications. In the mid-1990s, there were around 7 million Jains, the lion's share of who live in the conditions of Maharashtra (for the most part in Bombay), Rajasthan, and Gujarat. Karnataka, ordinarily a fortress of Digambaras, additionally has an extensive Jain people group.

About Jain Dharma


Jain Dharma, Is an antiquated Indian religion. Jainism adherents are called "Jain", a word gotten from the Sanskrit word jina (victor) and hinting the way of triumph in traverse life's surge of resurrections through a moral and profound life. Jains follow their history through a progression of twenty-four triumphant friends in need and instructors known as Tirthankaras, with the first as Rishabhanatha who is accepted to have lived a huge number of years prior, and twenty fourth as the Mahavira around 500 BCE. Jains trust that Jainism is an endless dharma with the Tirthankaras controlling each cycle of the Jain cosmology.